how to cure premature ejeculation

hello, my name is dr. weston of, i want to talk about how to stop premature ejaculationand the different solutions available to men who come too early. what is premature ejaculation? it is a commoncondition in which you or your partner feels that you're reaching orgasmtoo quickly. we usually mean that

how to cure premature ejeculation, it's too fast for you to enjoy sex in general.somewhere below two minutes is often recognized as premature ejaculation. while there's no cure to premature ejaculation,there are treatments and exercises you can use to stoppremature ejaculation. keep in

mind that for most men what really works is,in fact, a combination of all these techniques along with psychologicalcounselling, if it is necessary. quite often, it is about solving a mix ofanxiety, stress, but also bad habits of ejaculating too early. as to treatments, there are two very effectivesolutions. one is the emla cream that numbs the sensation of your penis soyou don't get too much stimulation and therefore you can last much longer. theother is known as priligy or dapoxetine, which is a very effective oral tablet thatyou take before sex. on average priligy has been shown to help men last, atleast, three times longer than

how to cure premature ejeculation

usual. complete a simple online questionnaireto get a prescription and order either emla cream or priligy and get it deliveredto your home. all our medications are 100% genuine and deliveredin a discreet package by a registered uk pharmacy.


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