how to stop premature ejactulation

get rid of premature ejaculation with earlyejaculation natural home remedies. by premature ejaculation, often termed as earlyejaculation is a problem that many men face in their sexual life. this happens to men who are under 40 yearsof age and it can lead to a disturbed relationship

how to stop premature ejactulation, and marriage. the person who is actually going through theproblem becomes frustrated and there have been many cases where that person has committedsuicide or taken some drastic steps. but, this is not the end all of the entiresituation.

you need to understand that the problem isquite common and you are not the only person facing it. rather than taking a drastic step it wouldbe manlier to combat the situation and stop it once and for all. there are numerous techniques in which onecan stop premature ejaculation. however, it will be a gradual process andyou should not expect immediate results. initially, you may not feel or notice anything,but as time progresses you will observe that the premature ejaculation is slowing downand after few weeks or months it will stop entirely.

one thing that is equally important is yourpartner’s participation in this process of stopping early ejaculation. in fact, she should be proactive enough tomake you realize about the issue, otherwise your entire sex life can go for a toss. men may face a lot of problem relating totheir sexual function and premature ejaculation one of the common problems that can disturba man. all men would want their loved one’s satisfactionand they want their spouse also to attain great pleasure. but there are men who ejaculate before theirpartners reach the climax.

you should never by shy of telling your problemto your spouse or to a doctor regarding any sexual issues. premature ejaculation is mainly caused toolder men, but in this new generation there are many young men too who suffer from thisissue. but do not worry: there are a few remediesthat you can try at your home by yourself to avoid premature ejaculation. acupuncture – this is a very old treatmentwhich plays an effective role in stopping premature ejaculation. however, there are certain essential dietaryconditions you have to follow when undergoing

this treatment. some of them are: avoid foods containing preservatives or theones rich in sugar. say no to alcohol, smoking and other drugstry to avoid the intake of caffeine products, especially coffeeyou should make the practice to eat plenty of fruits and green vegetablessince minerals play a very vital role in stopping premature ejaculation, add fish and othermineral rich foods to your diet. home remedies for premature ejaculation 1) seeds of green onions are perfect to decreasepremature ejaculation for all men.

the aphrodisiac qualities present in the seedsof green onion can help you avoid this sexual problem. you simply have to crush the seeds and mixit well in water. take this medicinal water three times a daybefore your meal. you can also consider using white onions andconsuming onions can enhance your sexual stamina and control. 2) aswagandha – the effective medicinalindian herb is one of the most natural medicines perfect for treating the sexual problems inmen. you can consult an ayurvedic doctor and havethis herbal medicine as directed by the physician.

this herb can increase the strength of theorgans and increases the stamina and control in men. this can reduce the problem of premature ejaculation. 3) ginger and honey is another best remedyto avoid premature ejaculation in men. ginger can help in increasing the blood flowto the penile area that helps in giving a great control to ejaculate. honey is an aphrodisiac of strength and thiscan enhance the potency of ginger. so the best way to consume this is takinghalf a teaspoon of ginger and honey before bedtime.

you won’t be able to feel the results immediately,but yes, in sometime you will notice the difference. 4) another natural medicine is to consumegarlic. garlic can help in increasing the blood flowto the penis and it can also help in heating up your body. you can sort the garlic in low flame usingcow’s ghee till it turns a golden brown color. take this every day or you simply chew 3-4 cloves of garlic to decrease premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. 5) take a half-boiled egg and mix it withgrated carrots.

take 3 teaspoons of honey and mix it willwith this mixture. you can consume this mixture daily for aboutthree months to get a great result. once you feel that your problem has decreased,you can slowly stop consuming egg. 6) the aphrodisiac qualities in the rootsof asparagus can help in decreasing the problem of premature ejaculation in men. you can take 3 to 4 teaspoons of asparaguspowder or root by mixing it with a glass of milk. alternatively, you can boil the milk withthe roots of asparagus and then drain the roots.

drink this milk two times a day to enhancestrength and other sexual troubles in men. the acupuncture treatment helps in findingout the causes of this syndrome and helps in eradicating it. according to the world of acupuncture, someof the causes are genetic factors, erectile dysfunction, hormone disorders etc… diet to avoid ejaculating early this is one of the simple and the best homeremedy in treating premature ejaculation. the diets mentioned above are not only suitablefor acupuncture treatment. these diets can be followed regularly to havea healthy life.

apart from minerals, your body should alsobe rich in vitamins, zinc, selenium, calcium and iron. folic acids enhance the flow of blood andprevents artery blockage. however, avoid to intake these items in excessivequantity as it leads to diarrhea. lady finger to stop premature ejaculation this is one of the common vegetables availablein the market. lady’s finger is available as a powder thathelps in treating premature ejaculation. this powder can be consumed in regular basis. when continued for month, you will see a significantchange in yourself.

lady’s finger powder can be mixed with warmwater and sugar candy. you can consume this powdered water dailyas a natural remedy. this does not cause any side effects. you can also add lady’s finger to your normaldiet in any means. carrots carrots are the wonder vegetables for bothmen and women. carrots are the natural remedies for manyas they serve their purpose in keeping your health fit. many people also prefer carrots for maintaininggood skin tone.

however, the power of carrots is more thanthis. they are used for curing premature ejaculationin a natural way. if you follow the practice of eating finelychopped carrots mixed with half boiled eggs and a spoon of honey, you will experiencea significant result in few weeks. since carrots are popular for libido improvingqualities, you can definitely go for this natural remedy. exercise to stop premature ejaculation another natural and safe remedy one can tryis the physical exercise. keeping oneself fit is very important in thisbuy world, as there is lots of mental stress

in work these days. doing physical exercise daily will improveand strengthen yourself. and, now for the ladies, if your man is notbeing able to hold back his cum for a long time then he may be facing premature ejaculationissues. you, as his partner should try and be thems. fix-it. after all, no one wants their sexual lifeto be poor and dissatisfying. wondering what you need to do as a woman toensure that your partner does not have early ejaculation? here are few tips that you can follow:

deep breathing: this is one type of meditationthat keeps the tension and arousal of early ejaculation in control. try and notice if he is able to avoid shortand shallow breathing. this normally would speed up his heartbeatand there are high chances that early ejaculation will trigger during this time. before having sex, explain him the processwith as much detail as possible. tell him to take one deep breath and spendat least five seconds holding the breath. after that he would have to exhale slowlyin the next five seconds. it would be fabulous if he can do this withoutbreaking the whole rhythm for a minimum of

five minutes. one of the best things about this processis that you two can focus on each others breathing technique. see how it rises and how it falls. this ultimately builds an intimate connectionwhen you are making love. squeeze method: in this method either oneof you can participate. you will have to squeeze the penis from thebase. this can be done when your partner is almostat the brink of his orgasm. the main logic behind this technique is toreduce the erection of your partner by squeezing

his penis. ideally, your partner should do this on hisown initially. gradually, when he masters it, you can practicethe technique along with him and eventually both of you can enjoy it. stop and start method: this has to start asa solo exercise. in this method, your partner would play apivotal role because he would have to masturbate alone. once he is close to his orgasm he should stopmasturbating. he would have to relax for a while and againcontinue to masturbate till he reaches his

orgasm. in this way he would have to repeat the processfor some time till the time he cannot hold back his cum no longer. if this process can be repeated several timeswithout any kind of distraction, your partner will be able to understand when he is readyto cum. he has to master this technique by doing itregularly and once he becomes efficient you two can engage in your sexual activities andyou will notice a remarkable change. kegel exercises: just like the stop and startmethod, kegal exercises are also not limited to women.

both men and women can try this out, but ultimatelyit will be helpful for your man. these exercises are done to strengthen hispelvic region and as a woman it would also help you create strong pubococcygeus muscle. doctors are of the opinion that kegal exercisehelps a lot to prevent and control premature ejaculation. if he is not able to understand where thismuscle is located, ask him if he is able to stop his urine flow when he is in the bathroom. the pubococcygeus muscle is responsible forcontrolling that. if he is able to find the muscle, ask himto practice the controlling thing on a regular

basis. he must not use his thighs, buttocks or abdominals. these should be absolutely loose when he isdoing kegal exercises. ideally, he should be doing 3 sets every dayand give around 10 seconds gap between each set. the main aim is to contract the pubococcygeusmuscle and when your partner is close to his orgasm, he should try and slow things as muchas possible. tantric techniques: if you are truly explorativein sex, then it will be more enjoyable than the pleasures of the traditional sex.

following the tantric techniques can be amazingto build an intimate connection between you and your partner. it is quite a simple technique, but if hecan follow it religiously, it would not only control early ejaculation, but would alsoimprove your sexual life to a great extent. in this technique when your partner is aboutto cum, he should pull out immediately (i.e., cease stimulation). after this he will have to contract his pubococcygeusmuscle and try lowering his chin on to his chest. the basic reason why this is done is to preventthe energy from rising any further.

when he pulls out before he is about to cumhe will feel ungrounded. this is very important to control the ejaculation. the next step will be to take a deep breathand feel the warmth of her body. for better results, he has to repeat thisprocess over and over again till he reaches perfection. promescent: this is a topical medication thathas recently been approved by the food and drug administration (fda) to control prematureejaculation. ask your man to apply the medicine at leastten minutes before you two start to make love. this will manage his sensations while havingsex because the medicine works through desensitization.

unlike the other medicines related to earlyejaculation, this one will absorb below the skin and reach the nerve endings that helpin controlling ejaculation. one thing that you need to remember is thedosage. consult with experts about the ideal dosethat you need. if your man thinks that applying a medicinewill disturb his sexual life, then tell him to stop worrying. the medicine is made in such a way so thatit would get absorbed in the skin and you will not even understand a thing. there are hardly any chances of the medicinehaving a negative impact on the sensation

that is created while having sex. so, your partner can completely forget aboutthe medicine and focus on you and the essential parts that make sex more enjoyable. various medical options: it is not that earlyejaculation will cause a depression in everyone’s mind. some partners can be really cool about itand may deal it in his own way. however, if you think it is affecting yourpleasures you can always suggest drugs such as zoloft and prozac. these drugs help with early ejaculation andyour partner can take these medicines several

hours before he actually comes to bed. the concept is very simple. once he consumes the medicine, the abilityto arouse will take place when you two are being intimate. this will not only control the ejaculation,but would also make your sexual activities much better than what it was previously. rather than taking these medicines voluntarily,it would be better if you consult an urologist or a general practitioner. they would be able to suggest the best medicine.

since they are aware of the side effects ofssris (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor), they would prescribe the safest medicine inthe market. condoms with benzocaine: these condoms areknown as climax-control condoms. they have the ability to extend sexual activitieslonger than you expect it to be. in fact, these condoms can delay the ejaculationclimax for almost 5 minutes. so, you can imagine how effective these condomscan be. condoms with benzocaine have a numbing effecton the male part. this reduces the sexual sensation when heis about to cum and in this way the sexual activity gets prolonged.

if you are wondering whether there will beenough enjoyment while he wears this condom, just take a leap of faith and see what happens. the extended 5 minutes can turn out to bethe best 5 minutes of sex you ever had. of course, he can take the condom off whenhe is masturbating on you, but you can always suggest him to try the condom when he is masturbatingalone. this will ultimately help him when he is actuallyplaying with you. applying strategic pressure: this is perhapsone of the easiest natural techniques that you can use to stop premature ejaculation. all you need to know is a bit of anatomy andyou can delay the ejaculation for a long time.

the first way to do it is by putting pressureon the perineum. perineum is the spot that lies midway betweenthe scrotum and the anus. you will have to press the perineum becauseit reaches the prostate gland and helps in the ejaculation process. on pressing the perineum, the path to theprostate gland will be blocked. when you have orgasm, the prostate expandsand contracts until you have the ejaculation. if your partner can apply the pressure lovinglywhile you are having sex, you will have a very satisfying time in bed. another way by which you can delay prematureejaculation is by the testes tug process.

when you are about to ejaculate, you shouldpull your testes down slowly and away from the body. this can also be done by your partner. reducing the anxiety: there are many men whobecome anxious while having sex. they think that if they are not able to performwell in bed it would seem to be very unmanly. this is not the case. in many cases it has been seen that prematureejaculation happens because of this anxiousness and being in a pressure to perform. try to stay calm and relax as much as possible.

think about your partner and how she caresand loves you. do not think about the climax just when youhave started having sex. if you think that intercourse is the onlymeans of getting orgasm, you will definitely have premature ejaculation. instead, think of it as a pleasurable timewith your partner and make the whole process more relaxing. it will not only delay your ejaculation, butwould also help enjoy sex. think differently: it is quite natural tohave various sexual thoughts when you are about to have sex.

this can make you very excited and may resultin premature ejaculation. the best thing to do would be thinking ofsomething abstract or something that is not at all related to sex such as baseball ormathematics or any other thing. it will give you a break from the sexual thoughtsand delay the ejaculation. after about 5 or 10 seconds you can againrefocus on your partner. however, always remember not to think aboutsomething that would make you stressed because this will lead to losing the sexual arousalcompletely and it is not something that would want. thinking about something that is not sexydoes not mean you will have to think ugly.

try to think simple. this process is very easy and you will noteven require the help of your partner. when you know you are about to ejaculate,think of something different and ask your partner to slowly pull down your testes. on combining the two methods you will be ableto delay the ejaculation to a great extent. changing positions: this is one of the mosttried and tested methods of stopping premature there are various positions of having an intercoursethat would put relatively less pressure on the glands or rather the penis. the spooning position is one that you cantry.

it is basically a side by side position thatyou can enjoy with your partner for a very long time. alternatively, you can also try the passiveposition. lying underneath your partner is one of thebest positions ever. you can see her face and the whole thing isreally sexy. try it and you will feel like staying in thatposition from start to finish. the fact that you can fondle with her breastsduring the intercourse would make the sex all the more enjoyable. you may be fond of the rear-entry or missionarypositions, but ideally, you should not follow

them if there is a tendency of premature ejaculation. these positions have more effect on your penisand the ejaculation will take place quicker than you can think of. slow things down: a teasing intercourse ismuch more fun than wild sex. so, instead of going hard on your partner,take things slowly and steadily. be gentler and slow down your movements. this will help hold your orgasm for a longtime and your premature ejaculation will automatically get delayed. you will be the best person to understandwhether you are near to ejaculation or not.

accordingly, you can slow and may be changeyour position. many people also take a break for few secondsbefore starting again. another way to slow things down is by focusingmore on the foreplay. you just cannot take off your clothes andstart having sex. there is nothing enjoyable about that typeof sex and it is best to avoid. it is always nice to have some foreplay beforeyou get into the real action. the foreplay is a mutual thing. both you and your partner should participateand it would give a better sexual experience that is more intimate and extended.

you can always bring in sex toys, but thatwould not be necessary if you are able to stimulate her orally or manually. training and exercises: strengthening andflexible the pubococcygeus (pc) muscle is very helpful in controlling premature ejaculation. you can always do the kegel exercises, butin addition to that you should also start practicing how to control your orgasm. it is all about delaying the climax. you will notice the delay in ejaculation automaticallyif you can have control over the climax. no one is telling you not to think about theclimax, but don’t start thinking about it

as soon as you start having sex. the easiest way to delay the ejaculation wouldbe masturbating. as soon as you come close to ejaculation,slow down your movement. try this for a few times and you will seethere is a marked difference in your ejaculation timing. all the tips mentioned above have been triedand tested by many and if you want a completely satisfying sexual, then you may as well insistyour partner to try them also. after all, it is always good to try somethingnew while having sex. you are watching: get rid of premature ejaculationwith early ejaculation natural home remedies.

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