how to cure premature ejactulation

hi, guys welcome to my channel the life support today i'm going to be telling you guys how to get rid of premature ejaculation premature ejection is a subconscious issue and a mental issue we are basically programming our self at a subconscious to climax and orgasm quickly. i'll tell you exactly how we accidentally and unknowingly we do this to our self.

how to cure premature ejactulation, and i'm going to be telling you a technique on reprogramming your self and help you last longer usually when we are masturbating , we do it for like 4-8 minutes on average even while you ware watching porn.

you forward the porn video to the best part and you want to finish as quickly as possible. because no body want's to sit them and masturbate for like 30 minutes . and waste your time. you just want to orgasm quickly and just move on. now, how do we cure premature ejaculation ! solution. so, what i want you to do is the next time you start to masturbate, as you are masturbating and when you feel the urge to climax or release you self. i want you to stop masturbating immediately and take a few deep breaths .

relax for 30 seconds and then start again. and again when you are about to cum or climax stop take few deep breaths and start again. this process of starting and stoping before you climax is called as "edging" edging, so many people have tried this and have found this very helpful and works for almost every body. start out by doing it for 10 minutes your first week . do it for 15 minutes your second week. 20 minutes on your 3rd week. and so on. now do this for 2 months and you will be amazed at your progress.

how to cure premature ejactulation

you can do this every other day or once every 3 days. thanks for watching guys if you have any question please ask them in the comment section below. and please click the like button and subscribe.


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