a man ejaculating

first of all, what is male multiple orgasm?well, it turns out, that ejaculation is not part of your orgasm. ejaculation is a reflexthat happens when you have an orgasm. in other words, blinking is not a part of being pokedin the eye but when you get poked in the eye you always blink. it’s a reflex. so, inthe same way, every time you have an orgasm, you ejaculate. just like every time you getpoked in the eye you blink. you really can’t

a man ejaculating, figure out how to separate one from the other.well, it’s the ejaculation that prevents you from having a second orgasm. the ejaculationsecretes, dumps, a huge amount of hormones called prostaglandin into your blood whichkills your erection, destroys your sexual desire and makes you want to go immediatelyto sleep. you’re probably familiar with

those things, right after you ejaculate, youpretty much want to go to sleep. your sexual arousal level goes from here to down thereand it’s suddenly hard to maintain an erection. there are men who can, i’ve never been oneof them. so the answer then to having male multiple orgasms is figuring out how to separateyour orgasm from this reflex that causes you to ejaculate.can it be done? it turns out it can, exactly the same way that you can train the reflexof blinking from being poked in the eye. people with contact lenses come to mind. but moreto the point, the ancient spartans actually used to train young men to not blink whenthey get poked in the eye, they said in order to eliminate, to practice eliminating fearon the battlefield. well, i don’t know if

it helps eliminate fear on the battlefieldbut it certainly helps you to become a good fighter. because long time ago in a galaxyfar, far away before i was a sex coach, i used to be a boxing coach and when i trainedboxers i discovered early on, i discovered early on, as i was learning to box myselfthat most people when they get hit in the face they blink. and when you blink you gethit three or four more times. so, until you learn how to keep your eyes open when youare getting hit, you really can’t box because you’re blind and the other guy can see.and i remember other boxing coaches used to say to me “that fighter hasn’t switchedon yet”. that’s what they used to say “he hasn’t switched on yet”, “he can'tspar yet because he hasn't switched on”.

what they meant was he hadn’t trained enoughto learn how to stop blinking when he got hit in the face. it was really hard for meto learn, really hard for me to learn to control that flinch reaction when a fist was flyingtowards my face and i developed a series of methods to help myself learn it and i becamea really, really good coach at helping men not blink when they got hit in the face. well,turns out, i used exactly the same technique and my “command and control” program toteach men to not ejaculate when they are having an orgasm.but here’s the basics, here’s the basics of what you’re going to have to learn howto do in order to learn how to have multiple orgasms. first, strengthen your pc musclesby doing kegels, look them up on wikipedia

or find one of my videos on kiegels and youwill know exactly how to do those. secondly, it really comes down to learning how to getyour arousal level higher and higher while controlling that reflex with ejaculation andwhen you get really good at this stuff and you can control your arousal at like a level9 , it’s very, very sexually pleasurable though not quite orgasm yet. and at some pointwhen you can control your ejaculation even when you are at a 10, you can actually experiencethese long, drawn out orgasmic states without ejaculating.now, i’ll warn yah, when you have a non-ejaculatory orgasm, the feeling is incredible, it’svery much like the orgasm you have when you ejaculate, but it’s a little bit different,and the difference is it turns out that ejaculation

itself, the feeling of expelling semen, isvery pleasurable. the analogy that i will use, it’s kind of like peeing in the shower.it kind of feels different than just peeing. in the same way, there is this pleasure thatcan be taken from just the ejaculation and so when they’re combined it’s mighty butyou can have these really long, drawn out, really powerful, powerful climaxes that lastand last and you can do it over and over again once you learn this trick of male multipleorgasm and then later on at the end of the night when you’re ready you can ejaculateas well. hey, ben here from expert sex tips for men.hope you enjoyed the video. if you did, you will really love what i got for you here.i wanna give you access to my full archive

a man ejaculating

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